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KW Auto Repairs are the smart choice to perform all of your Car Air Conditioning inspections, repairs and servicing in Cairns and the surrounding areas.

Modern cars are very complex and just like the engine, your vehicles air conditioner has components that need to be serviced or replaced on a regular basis.

Don’t Melt In Your Car

Send the heat packing. Automotive air conditioning uses refrigerant to remove heat from the air in the inside of the car then transfer it out of the car, leaving only cooled or 'conditioned' air behind to be recirculated. It is crucial to inspect the condition of the rubber seals for any signs of leaks or problems which could be a sign of a loss of refrigerant.

Reduction of refrigerant through leaks or evaporation means your air con system will begin to deteriorate and have to work harder raising the amount of fuel you use. Even new cars can lose as much as twenty percent of their refrigerant gas in the first 2 years.

To allow for this it is strongly recommended that the refrigerant in your Automotive Air Conditioning system is refilled completely within four years of the manufacture date and every two to three years after that.

Having your car's air conditioning serviced every 12 months means you can help prevent costly breakdowns now and in the future - and a well serviced Vehicle Air Conditioner system actually saves you money because it results in a reduction of fuel consumed.

Your car should be brought to a qualified workshop such as KW Auto Repairs (AU30970) on a regular basis to make sure the air conditioning system continues performing correctly as well as having the mechanics inspect the condition of the entire car.

Repco Authorised Car Service mechanics perform a 65 point Vehicle Inspection Report with every service and are often able to give you a warning about any items that may need renewal in the near future or those that are already worn beyond repair.


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KW Auto Repairs in Cairns are qualified to perform air conditioning repairs, services and regas on most makes and models (AU30970).

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